Finding a full-time job

Treat your job search as a full-time job. I totally dedicate your time to finding a job. Inform your family that your full-time job is to find a full-time job and nothing else!

By a little luck, you may be designing the next Little Big Planet too. You also get paid for it. Sound good so far? That’s because it is a job. Edge Online has put up a job posting for Media Molecule. They are working on a so-called ‘groundbreaking AAA’ project that will require new talent. Of course, the first title that pops into anyone’s mind is Little Big Planet 2. What do you have to lose other than becoming part of one of Sony’s most iconic games in history?

That is certainly true with Casey Quinlan, the voice behind Mighty Casey Media, a speaker whom I met at a Tech Now event 4-5 months ago. She delivers a very powerful message and it centers on discovering your talents that tell your unique story to build your brand using social media. Casey early on encouraged me to take some of my ideas, find my unique brand, and pursue something different.

It’s easy to get sidetracked, particularly during an extended job search. Review your job search activities over the past few weeks or months. Make adjustments as necessary. Increase the amount of time spent on your job search. Set clear weekly and daily goals. Invest your time in the most effective job search strategies. Incorporate these remedies into your job search to fix what’s ailing your job search.

Know your three strengths. Yes, I know you can do many different things. But, there are three things you can do better than anybody else you know. Know what they are, know how well you do them. Using these three strengths is how you solve the 12 problems.

Check your local colleges. College-aged kids make excellent after-school sitters. They are also making their back to school plans now…so it is the best time to check with local college job boards and placement centers to see what students are looking for work.

More information: Job board

(3) Research. Find out whether there is a lot of call for a web designer in your area. How many local businesses are looking for web design and how much competition is there locally. Also, explore the online work forums to see your competition in the web design world. Take a deep breath and realize that there are a lot of people also doing the same thing. Can you compete with their work and their prices?

Here’s what you should keep in mind when job hunting. When it gets down to the final handful of candidates, their skills will be similar. By that point in the screening process, any one of the candidates could probably handle the job. So an employer is looking for other things that set the candidates apart. If you do a better job communicating with the person who is hiring, you will set yourself apart and probably get a job offer as a result.



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