how to make a DIY handmade leather men purse

Absolutely nothing is manlier than making something is simply little within your hand dimension yet required as well as beneficial for day-to-day life.

This tutorial will certainly reveal you exactly how to make a fundamental style DIY bi-fold natural leather male pocketbook, with a coin pocket left-wing as well as card owner on the right, plus a large dividers for placing cash money.

If you have actually been complying with along in the past month or more you might have seen my natural leather watch bands guide or card owner making guidelines also, it’s worth taking a look at as extremely straightforward after you sew these little guys with each other. Offer on your own practically 3-4 hrs for this task.

There are some devices that you will certainly require to obtain points done. We make use of the exact same devices as we carried out in the previous tutorial: exactly how to make natural leather watch bands.

Do not be frightened of the lengthy listing, they’re rather very easy to discover in any type of natural leather store because these are simply standard devices so simply pay a go to there as well as you will certainly obtain them all.

  1. Natural leather (shade of your selection).
  2. Needle as well as string.
  3. Pen & Cardboard.
  4. Leader.
  5. X-acto or sharp blade.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Hammer– To punch openings.
  8. Ruby Chisels.
  9. Get in touch with concrete (for natural leather usage).
  10. Lighter (to shed the extra string).
  11. Pass Away Hole Punch Snap Fasteners Press and also switches.
  12. A dime (optional).
  13. Natural leather sewing clamp or your knees.


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You should be making this DIY natural leather purse on your own or the liked one so select the product that you like the majority of. The density will certainly offer your job various drapes relying on what you pick. The thinner natural leathers are, the much more flexible your budget will certainly be.

In this tutorial, I select chrome tanned cowhides with Black Mamba shade sourced from Blue Lotus Leather Workshop which I think will certainly fit effectively for any type of guy.

After picking your natural leather, allow’s do patterns. You will certainly require to develop on the cardboard initially to ensure that you will certainly have the ability to readjust if there is any type of blunder (advise making use of cardboard given that it’s even more secure while attracting than typical paper).

And after that reduced the natural leathers out of your patterns. These are all the products you will certainly require to finish the job.

The dimension can be numerous as long as you have the ability to remove 7 natural leather items.

Your criterion could be various than the one I utilize so simply loosen up, be imaginative.

2 large natural leather items are the almosts all: one item ought to be longer than the various other approximately 2 centimeters for the density of cash.
2 items to make the coin pocket: one for the cap, one for the body.
3 same-size natural leather items to craft card owners. Later on, I will certainly cut a little at the side to make it appear like T form. There’s a factor for that so maintain scrolling.


As you can see in the image, I attracted 2 straight lines right in between to define 2 sides of the budget. The space in between 2 lines has to do with 1.5– 2cm. We will certainly begin with the internal side of the purse!

I eliminate a little bit at the lengthy side as my function is to make a little style on it.

Currently, allow’s enter the card owners component.

I cut a little bit on both sizes (around 0.7-1cm from the side) so it resembles T form. When you put those layers upon with each other so that it will not be a lump, this approach is valuable.

The cards constantly require to be revealed a little on the brink in order to be taken out quickly. Find out exactly how deep it will certainly go inside the pocket after that note it up for the sewing line so you will certainly recognize where to begin puncturing it with a hammer.

As opposed to it, a natural leather needle is not meant to develop its very own opening as the products are solid and also in some cases extremely thick. An opening is punched via the natural leather by an awl or sculpt, after that the needle is pressed with.

We’ll make use of 2 needles, one on each end of waxed string. This string is much larger and also more powerful than towel string and also is usually made from several cables of solid bed linen or artificial product.

Maintain doing the exact same with 2 others. Be discovered that the last (a.k.a the top) layer of the card owner is no requirement to be a T form.

Maintain stitching the adhering to the component. Much comparable the previous actions: punch openings after that sew.

The latter component is a lot simpler. Currently, we can relocate to the coin owner making procedure.



In order to make the internal coin handbag has a captivating appearance, I utilize a tiny coin as a scale to cut the edges.

Currently, a have a cutie, nice-looking coin owner for my male’s pocketbook.

From now on, the procedure is primarily is practically the very same with the earlier actions I simply revealed you, individuals. Bear in mind the spell: Measuring, Gluing, Punching openings, sewing.

Determine the placement to position your coin pocket after that punch some openings. Connect the cap initially after that cover it with the body layer later on.

Be cautious not to extend the natural leather while you are stitching. You may require aid from a sewing clamp to maintain your natural leather pocketbook.

Because we will certainly have 2 needles at 2 sides of the string and also require to puncture them in one opening each time so there may be an opportunity that needle pokes into the back string. To see to it you really did not puncture the string, you can examine it by drawing the back string back with the hole as we press the front needle right into the hole. Maintain sewing if it’s able to draw back and also forth so you are excellent.

After completing stitching all the small details with each other, keep in mind the largest natural leather item we made at the start? Currently, it’s time to connect them to the pocketbook.

Just one point requires to be familiar with is that both sizes require to be affixed with each other despite the fact that the size of external and also internal sides are irregular. It’s alright as we anticipate the lump for the density of money.

When ended up, make use of little scissors or an energy blade to reduce the staying strings as near the natural leather as feasible or making use of lighter the shed them is likewise functions.

Last action: break switch to the coin pocket.

Establish the article down on the anvil and also area the natural leather over it.

Location the cap over the natural leather as well as slap it down with the hammer.

You’re gonna require a difficult surface area to do this. The much less jump the far better.

Andddddddddd … that’s it! You have actually ended up crafting a male’s budget. Congratulations!

You should be making this DIY natural leather pocketbook for on your own or the liked one so pick the product that you like many. The thinner natural leathers are, the a lot more flexible your pocketbook will certainly be.

As opposed to it, a natural leather needle is not meant to develop its very own opening as the products are solid as well as occasionally really thick. An opening is punched via the natural leather by an awl or carve, after that the needle is pressed with.

You may require assistance from a sewing clamp to support your natural leather purse.



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